Posted on Tue 12 April 2016

A Chrome Extension for smart and easy wikipedia surfing

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A Chrome Extension for simplifying Wikipedia Surfing.Wiki Lookup features the use of dynamically generated popups to simplify your Wikipedia Surfing Experience.Just hover over the hyperlink, and wait for a small dialog to appear.No Need to open up new tabs and feel lost while surfing Its’ light-weight and compact.


Everytime you hover over a wiki link, it’ll show an appropriate amount of text to define the term.


Install the Extension :

  • Clone the repository
  • Please use google chrome with developer mode enabled
  • Goto chrome://extensions
  • Download the .crx extensions file. And simply drag and drop it to the extensions page.
  • OR Load unpacked Extension ( provide path to repository/wiki_look_up/)
  • OR Get it here @ Chrome Web Store

Enjoy surfing wiki :P

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