Posted on Thu 24 March 2016

A few utilities , good practices and other stuff

Disclaimer : If ur a windows user … forgive me

Moving on, i think every person starting off with linux, must know a few things .. Specially, if you,ve just watched The Social Network and you’ve seen Jesse Eisenberg hacking away at his screen…


You’re probably wondering what is wget, emacs, apache and much more. If not, please rewatch the movie with subtitiles.


Wget is a basic downloading utility, actually calling it basic would be an understatement You can download files, directories, recursive download, filter through files and download them, ftp, multiple downloads, get selected elements and crawl through pages…It’s an amazing utility.

  • If you don’t have wget, simple run an apt-get wget

  • Or if you want to get all files from the browser directory,
    wget -r --no-parent http://your_directory_url

  • or if you go all SPARTA on the website,
    wget --recursive --no-clobber --page-requisites --html-extension --convert-links --restrict-file-names=windows --domains url_domain --no-parent url more details, check out this linux journal post or head out to Wget

Go through the docs .. find whatever suits your need

Emacs & VI :

Emacs or VI , you’d better end up choosing one and not telling the other side. People will go to war with you, if you say emacs is better than VI or vice versa .


And the my favourite .. click to play

Learning either is useful. These are highly customizable editors. You will absolutely stop using other tools once u get accustomed to either of these. Read along this SO post to uncover more.


GREP, is by far my favourite utility. An amazing tools to perform searches. It uses a regular expression pattern matcher, so it’s quite easy to detect substrings.

  • Using grep for cli searches:
    ls --all | grep filname

  • Using grep with wget to cli search a webpage
    wget -O - url | grep keyword


I can go on and on about the utilities, but now I think, it’s time to check them out yourself.

Last thing, before I sign out ..


So, pretending to be a hacker, like in those MATRIX movies, is pretty cool.. and probably, you can pick up someone (let’s assume that , that’s possible)

sudo apt-get install cmatrix

and this is the beauty of it


Enjoy , Browse, " Make the world a better place"(Courtesy : Silicon Valley ) :P

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