Here are a couple of slides from either Talks, lectures, or Hackathon pitches.

Talks / Guest Lectures / Presentations

  1. Guest Lecturer for “Convolutioal Neural Networks for Object Detection”: at Mukesh Patel School ofTechnology, Management & Engineering, for students of M.Tech (depth : Image Processing)

    PPT Code on drive

  2. Guest Lecturer for “OpenCV and Python”: for ISTE, Short-Term Training Program for Faculty, and M.Techstudents at Department of Electronics Engineering, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology

    Code on Drive

  3. Guest Lecturer for Framework Design: “Building with Python - C++using PyObjects”, “Framework Designusing Boost-Python” for Senior and Junior year students at D. J . Sanghvi CoE

    Code on Gitlab

  4. Course Workshop on Web-development CPL501: “JavaScript Event Binders & AJAX ” for Junior year studentsat D.J. Sanghvi CoE.

    Code on Github